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Mercury Partners is a boutique executive search practice dedicated to the specialized recruitment of global front office finance professionals. We provide a customized process for each client delivered through experienced advisors who understand your business and your goals. We provide clients a competitive edge with our ever expanding network of high-caliber finance professionals, who continuously receive praise from satisfied clients.

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2018-08-15 10:16 PM
Asian shares hit one-year low on Turkey, China worries
2018-08-15 09:56 PM
U.S. tariffs to stay on Turkey, Qatar offers Ankara aid
2018-08-15 09:23 PM
Trump says his steel tariffs will save the U.S. industry: WSJ
2018-08-15 08:25 PM
SEC scrutiny of Tesla grows as Goldman hints at adviser role
2018-08-15 08:14 PM
Exclusive: In Chinese port city, Japan's Toyota lays foundation to ramp up sales
2018-08-15 06:41 PM
U.S. investor sues AT&T for $224 million over loss of cryptocurrency
2018-08-15 06:31 PM
Cisco's software push fuels quarterly beat, strong forecast
2018-08-15 05:40 PM
U.S. stocks drop on downbeat earnings, trade tensions
2018-08-15 05:12 PM
Emerging markets lead global stocks lower, commodities sink
2018-08-15 05:00 PM
Uber narrows loss but is a long way from finding profit
2018-08-15 04:10 PM
White House condemns Turkey's tariffs on U.S. imports
2018-08-15 03:59 PM
Google provides data on U.S. political advertising
2018-08-15 03:25 PM
Turkish finance minister says Turkey-Qatar will improve cooperation
2018-08-15 03:18 PM
U.S. says EU stalling on Airbus, blocks request for WTO compliance panel
2018-08-15 02:50 PM
Air France-KLM unions bristle as Air Canada executive tipped for CEO job
2018-08-15 02:29 PM
Corona owner invests another $4 billion in cannabis producer Canopy
2018-08-15 01:57 PM
U.S. judge rules securities suit against Exxon, executives can proceed
2018-08-15 01:29 PM
Turkey's new finance chief faces credibility battle with markets
2018-08-15 01:19 PM
Financial Times boss to return some of $3.3 million pay after staff protest
2018-08-15 01:16 PM
Swiss ban some Mercedes, Porsche models over emissions
2018-08-14 10:35 PM
Hedge Funds Poised to Be Winners in AT&T-Time Warner Deal
2018-08-14 03:30 AM
Hedge Fund Lansdowne Feels the Fee Squeeze
2018-08-13 10:32 AM
Why Turkey's Trials Are Rippling Into Europe
2018-08-09 11:54 AM
Hedge Fund Backed by Industry Leaders Closes Its Doors
2018-08-03 02:24 PM
In 'Confidential' Letter, Hedge Fund Elliott Skewers 'Secretive' Label