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Mercury Partners is a boutique executive search practice dedicated to the specialized recruitment of global front office finance professionals. We provide a customized process for each client delivered through experienced advisors who understand your business and your goals. We provide clients a competitive edge with our ever expanding network of high-caliber finance professionals, who continuously receive praise from satisfied clients.

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2015-04-25 12:03 AM
Global Economic Dilemma: Too Much of Almost Everything
2015-04-24 11:27 PM
From Woking to Wall Street: UK day traders dream of glory in daily grind
2015-04-24 11:14 PM
Tesla Targets Pull Away From Profits
2015-04-24 10:56 PM
Greece not playing a game of chicken on debt - Kotzias
2015-04-24 10:51 PM
Sony raises FY 2015 profit forecast to $2.5 billion: Nikkei
2015-04-24 09:57 PM
China Takes Failure in Small Doses
2015-04-24 09:56 PM
Charter Needs to Be Second-Time Lucky
2015-04-24 09:55 PM
Biogen's Tough Treatment from Wall Street
2015-04-24 08:39 PM
MetLife Could Take Page From GE, Analysts Say
2015-04-24 08:02 PM
Deutsche Bank Boards Decide on New Strategy
2015-04-24 07:55 PM
Nasdaq, S&P 500 Close at New Highs
2015-04-24 06:54 PM
Flash crash charges garner increasing skepticism in high-speed world
2015-04-24 06:45 PM
Testing Out Robo Advisers
2015-04-24 06:25 PM
Comcast drops Time Warner Cable bid after antitrust pressure
2015-04-24 06:20 PM
Tech triumvirate propels Nasdaq, S&P to record highs
2015-04-24 06:01 PM
New Fund Offers Individuals Access to KKR Buyout Deals
2015-04-24 05:59 PM
U.S. Investors May Owe China
2015-04-24 05:39 PM
Euro zone warns Greece no cash till full reform deal
2015-04-24 04:25 PM
HSBC Would Need Divorce Not Move to Shed U.K. Issues
2015-04-24 03:51 PM
Ford recalling Fiesta, Fusion, Lincoln MKZ on door latch issue
2015-04-24 03:31 PM
Apple Watch launches quietly at handful of big-city boutiques
2015-04-24 02:28 PM
France to 'talk again' with Renault but reaffirms vote plan
2015-04-24 02:20 PM
HSBC looks at moving HQ from Britain as tax and regulations bite
2015-04-24 02:00 PM
HSBC, JPMorgan, C Agricole to fight EU charges at June hearing: sources
2015-04-24 12:31 PM
Volkswagen mired in crisis as board members criticize Piech